Today's Idea
Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Flying Karamazov Brothers

The Greenwich Odeum is the pride of East Greenwich’s Main Street, a 1926 jewel built at the end of vaudeville’s heyday, evolving into a movie theater, and eventually into a premier performing arts venue. Completely refurbished and reopened in 2013, it’s an exceptionally fun place to see a show – especially when the show itself is exceptionally fun.


The Flying Karamazovs do it all – a bit of comedy, music and juggling, or as the New York Times puts it “100 minutes of cleverness and comedy that go by in a flash.” Each of the “Brothers” brings something different to the table: Alexei (Mark Ettinger) is the musician, composer, and conductor; Pavel (Rod Kimball), the master juggler; Dmitri (Paul Magid) is the writer and founder; Zossima (Stephen Bent) is apparently mostly exceptionally tall. Collectively, they’re insanely fun, with visual and verbal one-liners flying as fast as whatever they’re juggling at the moment. It’s a show the whole family will love.


The Karamazovs are at the Odeum for one day only, but they’ll do two shows: a matinee at 2 pm (doors open at 1); and an evening performance at 6 (doors open at 5). Tickets are $48 for adults; $25 for kids 12 and under. (There’s an added $2 convenience fee when you book online.) There are plenty of restaurants on Main Street if you’re interested in lunch or dinner; if you’re looking for an appropriately artsy place to spend the night, the NYLO Providence in Warwick in less than 5 miles away.