Today's Idea
Friday, January 17, 2020

Bootleggers Bash

2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the nationwide adoption of Prohibition, and The Connecticut Historical Society is the perfect choice to mark it, and not because of the historical significance. The museum happens to be located in a palatial Colonial Revival mansion, which was built by inventor Curtis Veeder in the late 1920s.


It’s a history museum, so the feel should be authentic. Along with cocktails (the Hartford Flavor Company will be on hand to offer tastings of their locally-made liqueurs) and dancing (The Hartford Underground Vintage Dance Group will teach you the Charleston), everyone is encouraged to come dressed in their best 1920s style (there are prizes for the best dressed, as well as a pop-up exhibit of “flapper” dresses from the Museum collection, just to remind you of what 1920’s high fashion was really like.) Music is by the New England Jazz Ensemble.


The party is Friday, January 17, from 7-9 pm. $25 admission for non-members includes cocktails and refreshments. As you’d expect, it’s a 21-and-over event. You can buy tickets online or at the door; call Adult Programs Manager Natalie Belanger at the phone number above with any questions.