Today's Idea
Sunday, January 19, 2020

Hotel Week in Rhode Island

Restaurant weeks have gained popularity around the country in recent years, but for the new decade, Visit Rhode Island is taking it one step further: the first-ever Rhode Island-wide Hotel Week, where you can enjoy steep discounts on some of the best hotels in the state.


Want to see how the other half lives? The five-star Ocean House (actually one of only thirteen triple Five-Star resorts in the world, as Ocean House’s OH! Spa and Coast restaurant are also Forbes Five-Star establishments) is on the list. Like Newport? You can’t do much better than Gilded or Hotel Viking. Want something artsy in Providence? How about Hotel Providence or The Dean, two of the city’s best independently-owned boutique hotels? And if you want to get off the beaten track (at least in terms of January destinations), there’s always a weekend at the 1661 on Block Island, or The Break Hotel in Narragansett.


Hotel Week actually runs for two weeks, January 18-31. Pricing ranges from $100 a night to $400 a night (nice round numbers that are always at least 40% or so less than usual room rates.) And it’s not just hotels you have to look forward to: with things like Wellness Week in Newport ( and Restaurant Weeks in Providence going on, it’s well worth getting out!